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What’s in a Week?

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Came across a really fun photographic survey recently of families around the world and the groceries they consumed in an average week. Couldn’t help but be startled at the difference between the couple of places surveyed in Africa and the rest of the world. Here are a few of the pictures for some contrast:

Australia – Fire up the Barbie!

Canada – fairly accurate I’d say except our family eats a LOT more veggies thanks to the wife, and definitely less Eggo waffles

Japan – love the fish, bring on the sushi! Yum!

Germany – they like their beverages, those Germans!

Italy – a lot more bread than I would’ve guessed!

China – looks good, love Chinese food.

Mali – that’s a lot of mouths to feed!

The U.S.- is this an accurate representation?

France – seems pretty balanced to me…

The U.K.- Does that seem like a lot of processed stuff to you?

Chad – again, fairly accurate I’d say.

I thought this was especially cool because I’ve been to Chad and spent a week in conditions pretty similar to those pictured above, and other than the fact that the water-bottle pictured wouldn’t have lasted me more than a couple of hours in the 50 C (122 F) heat (I was drinking 8-10 litres a day and still having issues, but then I wasn’t as accustomed to the conditions as this family would’ve been), the rest of the menu seems pretty accurate. My gracious hosts actually slaughtered a chicken in my honour though, so I had various bits of the chicken through the week, fun times!

As I was about to post this I noticed the gallons of water behind the family, which means that little 2/3-litre bottle is probably cooking oil. THAT would be a lot more accurate!

That was me in Chad a couple of years ago – I’m the slightly lighter-brown one. I borrowed these wonderfully comfortable clothes from a friend. With water being far too precious to bathe with in the village, these clothes were my constant companion that week!

For the original article and all the pictures, check out .

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We're a little multicultural family with roots in some three continents and routes through a couple more, who serve a great God whose love has taken us to far away Africa - through countries whose peoples and cultures we've in turn come to love deeply. Through our lives and this blog, we seek to explore, discuss and find more effective methods of bringing sustainable, measurable blessing to communities across this beautiful continent, and seek to encourage others into looking at how they can engage. @dantheandrade

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