To Bless Africa

How can we make the biggest impact with the most efficiency for the greatest good?


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It’s been a while since this blog has been updated – ouch!

I do however, have an excuse – and this one only stinks at certain times of day: we had a baby!

Baby ‘Pop’, as her older sisters have been calling her since we first shared with them that they were going to have another little sibling, was born healthy and robust – at home with two great midwives – over a month ago. We are so blessed.

Paternal leave now being over, you should be seeing new posts back on here with greater regularity.


DSC_0782 DSC_0790


Author: to bless africa

We're a little multicultural family with roots in some three continents and routes through a couple more, who serve a great God whose love has taken us to far away Africa - through countries whose peoples and cultures we've in turn come to love deeply. Through our lives and this blog, we seek to explore, discuss and find more effective methods of bringing sustainable, measurable blessing to communities across this beautiful continent, and seek to encourage others into looking at how they can engage. @dantheandrade

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