To Bless Africa

How can we make the biggest impact with the most efficiency for the greatest good?



Two mighty roads obsidian flowed
split by a concrete divide,
and by this barrier lay
what had once been a raccoon, no more.

I gazed in passing and wondered what
didst draw this poor beast to its dead end.
Said my love, perhaps being a visionary it looked,
and saw not the obstacle, but the treetops beyond.

Thus did I learn from this idealist, now deceased
that though we dream of brighter futures,
without an eye on the ground,
we might see naught but headlights,

in the end.

Author: to bless africa

We're a little multicultural family with roots in some three continents and routes through a couple more, who serve a great God whose love has taken us to far away Africa - through countries whose peoples and cultures we've in turn come to love deeply. Through our lives and this blog, we seek to explore, discuss and find more effective methods of bringing sustainable, measurable blessing to communities across this beautiful continent, and seek to encourage others into looking at how they can engage. @dantheandrade

2 thoughts on “Roadkill

  1. How I envy your beautifully unconventional way of living and writing.

  2. that’s very kind coconutspeak, thanks for coming by and commenting. I’ve been enjoying your soundtrack picks 🙂

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